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Our Philosophy

"Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play." - Henri Matisse

As educators, we have seen the results of children who have developed confidence in themselves and an ability to interact with others.  At Doorways, we strive for children to develop confidence and a positive self-concept by providing situations in which they feel success often. We understand that children learn in different ways and at different rates, and thus, we adapt and provide support in ways to promote their individuality.  

We believe that children develop and gain an understanding of our world through play, and social interaction in a safe and nurturing environment.  As well, Doorways Child Care staff believe that children need to feel secure and comfortable in order to take the risks involved in developing their emotional and physical well-being.  

We provide an environment that is stimulating and safe. We also believe that an environment that allows choice, provokes curiosity, and provides opportunities to partake in a variety of activities including physical activity, storybooks, circle time and the arts(drama, dance, music, art).

We also know that children thrive in positive environments. We strive to maintain a positive approach to our management strategies, ensuring we acknowledge the positive behaviors and minimize corrective language.  


As parents, we understand that choosing a childcare provider is a stressful situation in your life as both you, as parents and your child are going through a major transition. At Doorways, we take pride in maintaining communication with you as we view you as partners in your child’s development and care. We're here to help put your mind at ease and provide your child with a safe, positive and balanced program.


We will be in constant communication with our parents in several ways:

1. In person

2. Seasonal Curriculum Newsletters

3. Through the Homeroom App for photo sharing 

Health & Safety

Our dayhome Programs offer children a nutritious mealplan developed  by the pros. Children are only given home cooked whole foods each day to ensure they have the building blocks for a healthy body!

And of course, safety is always our top priority. Our programs have undergone risk assessments and are checked on an ongoing basis to ensure safety. Our programs have a fire escape plan, daily routines that maintain a hygienic environment, and regular safety checks. On top of being experienced and professional, our program directors are all first aid qualified and police checked. Our directors also have access to health & safety advice on an ongoing basis in case questions arise during the day to day operations of the program.

Daily Routine

Here's a typical day at a Doorways dayhome
(Depending on director and the day the order may vary)

1. Welcome
2. Circle Time/ Calendar
3. Snack
4. Outdoor Activities
5. Lunch
6. Naptime
7. Craft Time
8. Snack
9. Indoor/Outdoor free play and structured actvities
10. Home Time

Career Opportunities

Program Director

Doorways Childcare Inc, is currently seeking an experienced, highly motivated program director. The successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day operations of overseeing a dayhome.

Responsibilities and duties include:

  • Support the mission, vision and values of Doorways

  • With support, planning, organizing and implementing Doorways curriculum

  • Documenting and communicating daily reports to parents

  • Preparing nutritious meals which align with our premium promises

  • Looking after the emotional, physical and social well beings of up to 6 children

  • Manage a dynamic childcare environment

Experience is an asset.  Training is provided through our Induction Program for New Directors.

For your incredible skills, you will be offered a personal residence in one of Calgary's finest communities, and offer you daily support and ongoing professional development.

This is a tremendous opportunity with excellent compensation.


To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to

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