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Our Program

Our Dayhome Program

Our premium private childcare and early learning program was carefully designed through the lens of three pillars. At Doorways Child Care, we believe and are passionate about the implementation of this approach with children to provide opportunities for growth and development.

Kindergarten Guide

First Pillar: Social-Emotional Needs

Our program focuses mainly on the development of trained caregivers. One of the utmost qualities that we seek and develop with our staff is their observational skills. Throughout the day, our caregivers respond to the emotional needs of the children and promoting the development of the child's communication and self-awareness.

Close up of couple clapping in theater

Second Pillar: Character Development

Our second program pillar relates to character development. At Doorways, we believe young children can develop an understanding the character virtues of responsibility, respect, compassion,  and empathy. Throughout the curriculum, we promote these values as well as use them in our everyday language.


Sleeping Like a Baby

Third Pillar: Socialization

As the third pillar in our 3 pillar approach to early learning, the social aspect is one of our key focuses. From polite table manners, respect for others and respect for self, we reinforce positive socialization  in all our programs.  In fact, it is integrated in to the curricular activities we do in all our programs

Our directors also take a 'common sense' approach to working with children that relates to the golden rule, treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.  Pretty simple, but a great basic philosophy to life we reinforce during these critical foundation years.

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