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"Doorways was our first experience with daycare. My son was 18 months and I am not sure who was more nervous about starting (I suspect I will win out). Nancy and Ken were so accommodating keeping me updated throughout the day, and going the extra mile to make sure that my son was comfortable and looked forward to coming. I really appreciated that they allowed comfort objects, and maintained the nap schedule that was working for us at home. We were recently moved out of the city and one of the greatest losses for us was leaving Nancy and Ken. I will always be grateful that they provided our first daycare experience."

- Danielle 

"I love this place! My little guy started with Vernice and Nancy when he was nine months old and no one could love him more. Highly recommend."

"My son started going at 10 mos. and loves going and spending his days with Nancy and Vernice. I enjoy getting the daily updates to my phone and LOVE the crafts he brings home. Every day he gets nutritious, home made meals. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to transition my son from being at home to FT childcare."

- Jamie

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